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Therfield School

Year 9

By Year 9 at Therfield, the students will have got to know the school, the teachers and each other and the first hurdles of secondary school life have been overcome.

In Year 9, the motto for the year is “Learn Lead Achieve”.  The students will have new challenges, like becoming a role model as a Peer Mentor for younger students or a Prefect. They will have a wide range of enjoyable opportunities and experiences like the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme or the First Give Scheme.

In addition to which, the students will also take on more responsibility for their own learning by making their GCSE Option choices and working hard at the skills needed to be “GCSE ready”. In this, they are given expert guidance from the teaching staff to help with their decisions. Students and parents are also given information at an options evening, providing the opportunity to receive advice on how to make good options choices.

We aspire that by the end of Year 9, the students will have grown in their love of learning and feel positive and confident to take on the next stage in their journey at Key Stage 4.

Key Initiatives in year 9

  • Student Council
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Holocaust Survivor Talk
  • HumanUtopia talk
  • Women in STEM day
  • Prefect Applications
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Continuation of the Pixl Edge Extra Curriculum challenges
  • First Give –social action project for the local community
  • Careers Fair
  • GCSE Options process

Year 9 Pastoral Team

The year group is divided into tutor groups of approximately 25-30 students.  The form tutors work very closely with the Head of Year to monitor the student’s wellbeing, academic progress, and to deliver the programme of learning activities that link to the wider life of the school and life beyond school, as well delivering the day-to-day pastoral care.

Head of Year – Mr Tom Hostler          thostler@therfield.surrey.sch.uk
Direct Line:            01372 814454

9A Mr Paul Bartram pbartram@therfield.surrey.sch.uk

9B Miss Nicky Grant ngrant@therfield.surrey.sch.uk

9C Miss Hannah hmackknight@therfield.surrey.sch.uk

9D Miss Ceara Egan cegan@therfield.surrey.sch.uk

9X Miss Ellis Devonshire edevonshire@therfield.surrey.sch.uk

9Y Mr Warren Nolan wnolan@therfield.surrey.sch.uk

9Z Miss Joanne Reynoldson jreynoldson@therfield.surrey.sch.uk