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Therfield School

Year 8

Year 8 is an exciting time at Therfield where students are able to develop relationships, build on their knowledge of a variety of subjects and try new clubs and experiences. Students are encouraged to become more involved in school life and events ranging from sports teams to music productions to being a school counsellor or even an eco-warrior! There is something for everyone! Through a broad and balanced curriculum, students can build on the skills from year 7 to become confident young adults with a passion for learning.

Although future careers may seem a long way off, we start these conversations now and have regular tutor sessions to build and inform about employability skills. These include receiving and processing information, communication of ideas and supporting and encouraging others to achieve a shared goal. This also includes the fantastic opportunity to work with Hyundai on creating a pitch for a car of the future based on renewable energy.

Please read on to get a taste of some of the things you can expect as a year 8 student at Therfield school… 




humanutopia: Who Am I?

humanutopia is an amazing opportunity for the whole year group to get together and reflect on who they are and who they want to be. Students are encouraged to express themselves and explain struggles and challenges they have faced to ask how they can make positive changes to improve their life chances.

The whole day event is broken in to 3 sessions:

  1. Circumstances- what are the barriers to success?
  2. Choices – seeing yourself in a different light and overcoming these barriers. This is also a time for students to reflect on how the present could be different if each person behaved differently.
  3. Changes- What does your future look like? What changes do you need to make?

 Students finish the day by identifying and making a commitment to change. This is reflected on in follow up tutor sessions and assemblies.

First Give

First Give is an incredible opportunity where all Year 8 students work together to raise money and awareness for a local charity.

Each English class competes against each other to win £1000 donated to their chosen local charity. This is an amazing chance for students to discover social issues, support local charities and help the community. Charity representatives are invited into the school for each class to talk to and gain valuable information about their chosen charity. Students come away from the half-term long experience having felt like they have contributed to a wider issue and has changed pupils’ perspective on various issues.

To achieve success, students work together using teamwork, organisation, and leadership skills. Students write speeches, create PowerPoint presentations, and organise events to raise money and awareness. It is such a rewarding experience and has changed the lives of pupils and the community.

Year 8 Sports

The PE department offer a wide range of sporting opportunities & extra-curricular clubs for Year 8 students. All students are welcome to attend both clubs and training. Students can also compete against other schools if selected for the school team. To be selected for the school team, students must meet the criteria of the 3 A’s (Attitude, Attendance, Ability).

From September-March, students in Year 8 can attend the following clubs:

Football, Rugby, Basketball, Netball, Fitness, Badminton, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Dodgeball, Cricket Winter Nets & Ultimate Frisbee

In the Summer Term (April-July)

  • - Rounders, Tennis, Athletics, Cricket
  • - Lunch Time Clubs - Fitness, Badminton, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Dodgeball & Ultimate Frisbee


The European Experience

This is an opportunity for year 8 to explore Strasbourg and Triberg, including visiting Europe’s highest waterfall and spending a fun-filled day at the Europapark – the biggest theme park in Europe. Students will also take part in ‘challenges’ aimed at getting them to speak French and try out some German as well as find out interesting things about the French and German culture