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Therfield School

Year 8

“When you are living the best version of yourself it inspires others to live the best versions of themselves”

In my many years of working with students, I’ve learned that one of the most important skills any school leader can have is the ability to effectively manage and nurture personalities and relationships. This is because quite simply, when school relationships are positive – the outcomes tend to be more positive too. As a head of year I am privileged to work with a cohort of students who continue to impress and inspire me on a daily basis and everyday I get the opportunity to build upon these positive relationships.

At Therfield school we have an openness to making mistakes as we believe this is where learning can take place and resilience is developed. As teachers we strive to create the optimal environment where everyone thrives. This necessitates that we must pay as much attention to behaviours, attributes and the quality of relationships as we do to performance outcomes. Everyday we endeavour to develop the whole child through a broad and balanced curriculum and a well thought out tutor programme so that our students can strive for excellence, become leaders and seize every opportunity presented to them.

Please read on below to get a taste of what to expect as a year 8 student at Therfield school……

Smart Moves

Smart Moves for Year 8 has been designed to help keep the momentum of learning and sharing together to build resilience and foster good relationships. It is a follow on programme from year 7 to build upon the knowledge gained and develop these ideas further to help year 8 problem solve with independence and learn all about the 5 ways to well-being.


An interactive programme delivered by the external, nationally renowned company Human-utopia. This programme takes place across a whole school day and is followed up with subsequent sessions, designed to help young people make positive changes and improve their life chances. This is achieved by focusing on the 5 main areas: Hope, Confidence, Happiness, Relationships and Employability Skills/Life Chances.


Kings and Queens

A Christmas Afternoon Tea for the local elderly community, organised in conjunction with local organisations, Leatherhead Youth Project and B@titude. The event offers Year 8 and Year 12 students the chance to engage with the planning and staffing of an event catering for over 100 guests from the local community.


Year 8 Curriculum Enrichment Days

Students have the opportunity to engage in some exciting Science based activities and exploring possible careers in Science. Students complete activities exploring different themes of Science. These activities also allow students to consider the associated careers.  In addition to this there is a visit to Port Lympne Safari Park in Kent. With over 600 acres of wildlife to explore and over 700 animals, students can expect to see the largest herd of black rhino in the UK, western lowland gorillas, giraffes, tigers, lions, leopards, bears and so much more. Students will also go on a guided safari tour to see these animals roaming freely.   

Dove Body Confidence Workshops

Self-esteem workshops addressing key topics, including the impact of society, professional and social media on appearance ideals, aiming to increase confidence and self-esteem.

Dove Confident Me workshop addresses key topics including media influence, peer pressure and strategies for promoting body image and self-esteem. Students learn through class discussion, small-group activities, videos and activity worksheets

  • Unrealistic appearance ideals
  • The impact of social media, celebrity culture and advertising
  • How to reduce appearance-focused conversations and comparisons
  • Body activism and positive behaviour change

Well-Being and Mental Health at Therfield School

In year 8 we continue to take a whole school approach to raising awareness about well-being and good mental health through assemblies, the tutor programme and subjects such as PSHE. Below you will find some recommended websites. Please refer to our Well-being page for further signposting.

 Local to Surrey

 CYP Haven www.cyphaven.net for over 10s

 Extended Hope via the Emergency Duty Team 01483 517898 – 5pm-11pm every day for over 11s


 ChildLine 0800 1111  www.childline.org.uk

 Young Minds Crisis Messenger text YM to 85258 (24/7)

 Kooth www.kooth.com

 Online support weekdays 12noon–10pm

 Weekends and bank holidays 6pm-10pm

Quotes from current year 8 students

“My journey so far at Therfield school has been both enjoyable and rewarding. Firstly, in year 7 I became part of the student council (where you can decide what you do with the school) E.G how can we help the environment by recycling more. Secondly, I attended several clubs such as geography, football, choir, and drama. Unfortunately, the coronavirus was spreading fast around the world that meant that most people had to stay at home (Luckily our teachers on teams were supportive). It was (is) hard to work from home for such a long time but with my friends and family we got through it all. I have to say lockdown has taught me that you should always lookout for your friends and family's mental health. In lockdown we had to have online live lessons on Microsoft Teams, this has undoubtedly made me even more confident. In October I was interviewed to be a Prefect, in November when I came back from school and in checking my class Charts, I was thrilled I was awarded a prefect. Since year 7 the activity that I have enjoyed the most is the Careers fair, because there were very interesting possible outcomes, and here at Therfield you can achieve them. I also loved the school trip to Cambridge, and the sponsored walks have been brilliant too!!”


“So far I have really enjoyed my time at Therfield. I have met some amazing friends, and the teachers have all been so kind and helpful. The lessons are very interesting and exciting. I am looking forward to more years at Therfield!”