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It is always an honour to have young people considering our Sixth Form as the best place to continue their educational journey. It is a very important time for young people as they contemplate their next step and at Therfield we want to be able to give you the confidence that we are the right place for you.

At Therfield, we often talk about the ‘Seven Year Journey’ and we truly believe in that vision. We want to be able to provide you with all the life chances that you deserve and hopefully this prospectus will give you a flavour of what we are seeking to do. Above all, we want you to be happy, successful and well-rounded individuals who will contribute to society; all three attributes being what we have developed in young people over a long period of time.

As a school sixth form we are able to offer what other providers cannot. We know the students that are already with us inside out and back to front. Whatever motivates you, whatever drives you, we already know and can work with you to develop. The areas for development you have are already likely known to your teachers and we are able to really design our provision accordingly. As a school sixth form this is what drives us and what is really special about staying at Therfield.

Most importantly, the sixth form allows you to open doors for your future. We have students who are applying for Oxford and Cambridge every year who we support through this process. If you are wishing to apply to the most competitive of university programmes, Therfield can get you there and we have a successful track record of doing so.

We are proud to say that in 2022, any student who wanted to go to university was successful in gaining a place thanks to the guidance they received and ultimately the outcomes they were able to gain. The Sixth Form at Therfield can open those doors for you.

Another area that we are developing is the access to Post-18 apprenticeships which are becoming increasingly popular with industries. These are extremely competitive but we have a track record of getting students into apprenticeships in large companies who go on to have a successful career. If you want to enter the world of work through an apprenticeship, Therfield can take you there.

We offer a wide range of support, activities, leadership opportunities and social events. This is a key part of any sixth form as you move towards the wider world where you will encounter a wider range of opportunities. Therfield Sixth Form is a place where you will develop individually as well as academically.

We look forward to working with you and seeing where Therfield Sixth Form can take you.