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Therfield School

Overview of the C@T6Programme

Overview of Sixth Form C@T and HE Programme 

Year 12 


General Theme 


Skillsbuilder-Students self -assess their skills. Groups then work through on the same topic together towards mastery level in order below 

Unifrog Tasks-will be uploaded by JMB weekly 

Yr 12 Autumn 1 

Admin Unifrog and Skillsbuilder 

Understanding my professional self 

Benchmark all your skills using Launchpad-code for tutor groups issued by JMB 

Intro to Psychometric Testing-who am I? 

Myers Briggs, Work Environment 

Begin competencies listing-how to 

Yr 12 Autumn 2 

Supracurricular-what is it and why does it matter 

WEX Intro 

Intro to EPQ 

SB-Team Work 

ASK introductory assembly and workshop 1 

WEX launch and Unifrog placements tool intro 

Intro to MooCs and MooC tool 


Yr 12 Spring 1 

Introducing Apprenticeships v Work v University incl degree apprenticeships 

SB-Listening and Speaking 

Writing a great CV and covering letter using my competencies 

Yr 12 Spring 2 

Networking at the C@T Fair for WEX (March) 


ASK workshop 2 

Careers Fair 

Yr 12 Summer 1 

Intro to the UK Uni system and importance of predicted UCAS grades 

SB-Problem Solving 

UK uni system-tariffs etc 

Yr 12 Summer 2 

Work Experience preparation  

Exams and predicted UCAS grades 


Redo the Benchmark-check your progress 

Mon 24th June – Alumni Day 

Tues 25th June– C@T and HE day 1 

Weds 26th June-Platform7teen 

Mon 1st -5th July – WEX Yr 12 

Mon 10th – Aim to release UCAS Grades 

Tues 16th July-C@T and HE day 2 


Complete all notes for subject teachers on Unifrog 




Yr 12 UCAS FAQs for parents


Year 13

Yr 13 Autumn 1

General UCAS refresher and time line reminder

Deadlines for MedDenVet/Oxbridge

Deep dive into Personal Statement

SB-Staying Positive

Complete all notes for subject teachers on Unifrog including notes for reference writer with extenuating circumstances

Yr 13 Oct

Individual focus and skills passport-evidence for apprenticeship applications with Unifrog skills

SB-Staying Positive

Apprenticeships-how to apply

Yr 13 Nov


SB-Aiming High

ASK assembly and workshop 1 with Yr 12

Yr 13 Dec

Assembly (for Uni applicants) and what your offers or rejections mean

SB-Aiming High

Apprenticeships Tool-using it properly

Yr 13 Jan

Uni Applicants-understanding the process of the UCAS application-clearing, extra etc

SB-rebenchmark using Launchpad ready for applications

Acing your CV

Yr 13 Feb



ASK workshop 2 for non Uni route

Yr 13 March

Preparing to get the most out of careers fair and week


Accommodation and finance at Uni




Yr 13 April

UCAS final steps assembly x2-student finance and accommodation. Set up for clearing etc.



Yr 13 May

Round up for any students not places/anomalies