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In School Provision

We are still open for students who have an EHCP, who may be vulnerable due to the national lockdown or for students where their parents are critical workers.

If you have any questions please see below:

I am key worker and I need my child to attend school

Key Worker Provision Request Form

My child has an EHCP and I would like to discuss them attending school

Please email Mrs H Baggs, SENCO

I am struggling with the online learning at home and would appreciate some support although I understand that I cannot send my child to school

Head of Year Email Address
Mrs Nickie Woodroffe, Head of Year 7 and 8 nwoodroffe@therfield.surrey.sch.uk 
Mr Tom Hostler, Head of Year 9 thostler@therfield.surrey.sch.uk 
Miss Lianne Warman, Head of Year 10 lwarman@therfield.surrey.sch.uk 
Miss Louise McArthur, Head of Year 11 lmcarthur@therfield.surrey.sch.uk 
Mr Chris Eagle, Head of Year 12 ceagle@therfield.surrey.sch.uk 
Miss Elizabeth Hill, Head of Year 13 ehill@therfield.surrey.sch.uk 

Health and hygiene when in school

Social Distancing:

  • Classes are being limited to 12 students within a room to enable social distancing to occur throughout the day.
  • We will be reminding students during any free time to ensure they are maintaining social distancing from their peers to minimise risk of transmission.
  • Staff will be remaining 2 metres away from students wherever possible and maintain social distancing unless there is a specific, and time limited, reason not to do so.

Face Coverings:

  • All students and members of staff who can wear a mask will be obliged to do so at all times when in school apart from when they are outside and socially distanced from one another.
  • Students and staff who are exempt from wearing a mask will be provided with a lanyard to help them identify themselves to others where necessary.
  • All staff and students will be issued with a facemask if they forget to bring one but we will need all students to bring one in regularly.
  • All students travelling to/from school on public transport will be required to wear a face mask.
  • We are fortunate that Therfield School is a tolerant and accepting community, and we will manage this provision sensitively.

Hand Hygiene:

  • Thorough handwashing routines will be in place, and pupils will be reminded of these regularly throughout the school day.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the school, and staff and students will be reminded to make regular use of it.
  • Every school building, and room in the school, will have hand sanitiser available for use at the entrance and at key locations throughout.

Enhanced Cleaning Regime:

  • We have developed an enhanced cleaning programme for the whole site, with daily cleaning and disinfecting of rooms and furniture.
  • Particular attention is being paid to 'fogging' rooms which kills traces of the virus within a room during breaktimes to help minimise risk of transmission.

COVID-19 Symptoms

Any student who displays any symptoms of COVID-19 will be isolated in school and parents contacted to collect them to isolate at home until a test outcome is known. The student must have a test booked for them using the official NHS booking system.

Please note, we are unable to carry out a lateral flow test for anyone displaying symptoms.

Lateral Flow Testing

We are providing weekly testing for staff which enables us to continue running our in school provision with the minimum of disruption.

Students will also be tested once a week using this same method. Parents must provide their consent for this to happen and is not a condition of attendance; however, we recommend all students take part in this process to help them keep themselves and others safe within school and at home.

Covid-19 Testing Privacy Statement