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Home Learning

Please find information on how and where to access work if for any reason you are not able to be in school.


Where can I access work if I am at home?


Work can be accessed through the student hub by clicking on the button ‘Home Learning’ and also accessed through the school’s website under the ‘Home Learning’ tab. Once you have clicked on the link, it will take you a section where you can select the year group, followed by the subject, followed by the current term that we are in. Here you will find the resources that have been uploaded by the different departments.


What happens if I need help?


If you are struggling to complete the work and need some assistance, please email your class teacher stating the work you are currently doing and the problem you are having.


What do I do with the completed work?


If you have completed the work on a computer, please save it and send it to your subject teacher. If you have completed it on paper, please keep it neatly and bring it into school to show your teacher. If it is appropriate to do so, it can be glued into your exercise books.


What if I have completed all the work that has been published?


Please make sure you have attempted all the extension tasks made available and if you really have finished everything, please email your subject teacher.


Any further questions about home learning, please contact the school.