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Therfield School

Eco Team at Therfield

At Therfield we have an active Eco committee. Our students from years 7 to 11 meet every week during term time to discuss ways in which we can improve our school and take part in wider community action to combat climate change and make a positive difference to improving our environment.

Green Flag

We were awarded our first Green flag award as part of the Eco schools award in 2021. We are in the process of applying for our new flag and we have 3 foci that we are working on this year.

Reducing waste, Healthy living and Litter.

Eco Garden

Our garden last season produced lots of vegetables and flowers. It is run by Ms Young, the Eco Team and Mrs Knox. Last year saw the installation of a shed for our tools and we have several raised beds which we used for growing sweetcorn, courgettes, tomatoes, herbs and sunflowers. We are always grateful for any offers of help to improve our garden area by donations of seeds, plants or labour.  


Our Christmas Trash to Treasure stall was very successful in terms of promoting the idea of a more sustainable Christmas and raising money for projects around the school. We aim to raise more money through cake sales for Eco projects around the school such as increasing our number of bird boxes and bird feeders.

Tree planting

We would like to increase the number of trees within the school grounds and have taken advantage of Trees for Schools scheme and Woodland Trust. Our saplings will be ready to go into the ground in the spring.

Environmental days

We like to promote Environmental days in school during tutor times and assemblies. These include, Earth day, World water day, Veganuary, Big Bird watch and Energy saving days.


As part of the wider community, we want Therfield to be involved in lots of local and international environmental issues. We work with local schools, parents, local companies and have just joined a twinning programme with a school in UAE through the Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots programme. We  are always looking at ways to get involved with projects closer to home and welcome ideas and engagement with parents.

If you have any ideas or would like more information on any of our work then please contact jknox@therfield.surrey.sch.uk 

 Mrs J Knox