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  • Fox Grove - Therfield Sports Facility

  • June 2019 Exam Certificates

  • Therfield School - KS4 Results - Press Release

  • Therfield School - KS5 Results - Press Release

'This is Therfield' Spring 2018

Thursday 29th March

Therfield students from Year 9 have been tackling social issues by supporting local charities as part of a programme provided by educational charity First Give. Students engaged in direct social action and spent weeks raising funds through cake sales, car washes and even waxing the teachers! Importantly, students also raised vital awareness of the amazing work these charities do. After all their hard work and dedication, the representatives from each class competed in a final.

At the School Final, the judges saw presentations from the students on a range of charities such as those that help people suffering with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, to charities that help victims living with cancer. Every student epitomized our school values of Excellence, Leadership and Opportunity and it was truly a very special and emotive event for all involved.

It was the class that supported the Princess Alice Hospice that took home the £1,000 prize for their charity and it felt great to be a part of something that is going to help so many people. All of  the presentations were nothing short of brilliant and the dedication of our young people to local causes in the community was inspiring.

The ‘runner-up charities’ were Combat Stress, Turn2us, Rape Crisis Surrey and Sussex and The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.  We decided to support them a little more with the proceeds raised from a Mufti Day on the final day of the Spring Term being shared between these four excellent causes.

On Wednesday 7th March 2018, six A Level photographers travelled from Leatherhead to Westminster to attend The Creative Process Art and Design study day at the Institute of Education. This event, designed for A Level, Foundation and BA (Hons) students gives well-renowned designers, craftsmen, photographers and artists a platform to share the context of their practice. Therfield’s A Level photographers attended presentations by: Hurvin Andreson, Simon Norfolk, Rebecca Wright and Cornelia Parker. Making notes and recording the speeches by these established practitioners enables students to evidence research and ideas gained for AO1 course.

Therfield Maths Department organised a range of activities to celebrate Pi Day! In lessons, the Maths department explored a range of Pi Problems, including Dingbats, Pi Puzzle Challenge and explored the meaning of Pi. The Maths team also ate a lot of apple pies! Students were full of enthusiasm and engagement in completing these problems. Students were given a Dingbat Quiz in tutor time, with the winning tutor groups of 8PKB, 9EEH and 10KXO.  Students were given the opportunity to get involved in a Pi Day Scavenger Hunt that included lots of the teachers giving information on where they saw the importance of Maths in Real Life. Subjects got involved by incorporating Pi and Maths into their own lessons, such as Music, Art and Computer Science. It really was a pleasure to experience a fantastic vibe around the school about discussing Maths. #PiDay2018 #HappyBirthdayAlbertEinstein


In another event, the Maths Department entered 7 of our gifted Year 10 mathematicians into the Further Maths ‘Maths Feast 2018’ to take part and compete in a series of Maths Challenges against some of the top schools in Surrey. The Challenge consisted of several different rounds to test their problem solving, team work and mathematical communication. It was fantastic to see how well our students competed against some very strong teams from others schools and it delighted both Mr Worrall-Thompson and Mr MacLaren, that one of our teams managed to finish 3rd in the final round! The students left with a sense of achievement and enjoyment despite not winning the Feast. Congratulations goes to Louis C, Charlie M, Layla W, Marcie W, Conor S, Ismail B and Charley D for doing an exceptional job! #nevergiveup #TeamTherfield #MathsRules


Sport fixtures at Therfield  were affected by the weather this term. However with fewer individual games we have created a few festival opportunities. The Year 7s headed over to the renowned rugby playing school of City of London Freemen’s School which offered up a skills development day led by Harlequins Academy coaches. A fantastic opportunity with teams travelling from far and wide.

The day itself was wet, windy and miserable. Mud up to their knees, the Year 7s were up against the wall. Nonetheless, the boys rallied and showcased some serious resilience. The coaching sessions were energetically completed. Then the games gave the boys exactly what they wanted. Their first win! Therfield then met the Freemen’s boys head on and gave a gritty performance with free flowing, fast tempo rugby in the worst of conditions. With a nail-biting finish, the boys lost out by one try.

The Year 8s followed the example with a Sevens Festival based out of Therfield. The boys had Esher and Hinchley Wood providing the opposition. Both strong outfits having previously taken the boys in red the distance. Even so the boys split themselves into two teams and kicked off. The game being quicker provided a bit of a challenge and tested the lungs a bit more. The boys did however manage to get a few wins and played some great rugby. Some star tries and even better offloads were the key to a blossoming squad.


So as we end the Spring Term there’s a lot to look forward to over the coming weeks.  42 students and 5 members of staff are heading to Austria for the ski trip.  I know they are feeling very excited and they will have a great time.  Rehearsals for School of Rock are ‘ramping up’ at the moment and this will provide a fantastic start to the Summer Term.  Of course, for our Year 11 and Year 13 students next half-term sees the start of the important exam season so I wish them success with their Easter revision with, hopefully, some chocolate to help with the motivation too!


Happy Easter!


“Be Kind.  Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Enjoy Yourself.”


James Malley

Monday 19th March

Sometimes the death of a famous person strikes a chord in a nation and the recent deaths of Sir Bruce Forsyth and Sir Ken Dodd and the sense of fun and irreverence, so much a part of our nation’s psyche, which they brought to their comedy and entertainment will live on long after their passing.  However sometimes a person’s death resonates across the whole world and, in the case of Sir Stephen Hawking, perhaps across the whole universe.  He has been an inspiration to generations of science students though, of course, his life and experiences make him a hero to so many people on so many levels.  Mr Place reminded me of this quote from Sir Stephen and I think it provides wonderful guidance for every Therfield student.

“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious and, however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up.”


Although the Spring Term is nearing its close the wintry weather over the last fortnight has perhaps meant that summer seems a long way off.  However in a month's time the Summer Term will have begun and this, of course, heralds the important exam season with GCSE, A Levels and end of year exams for all students.  Over the next two weeks there is a study evening for Year 11 students and parents and a final Sixth Form Parents Evening before the summer exams.  I’ve been really impressed by the commitment of so many students to their exam preparation over recent weeks and this hard work will pay off.  Keep it Up!


On Thursday the 15th March, a number of students from Year 8 took part in the annual BBC School News Report day – where the school’s website was linked to the BBC’s so that people from around the world would be able to read articles written by our budding reporters.  As well as written articles, students were able to present from a CGI studio after filming bulletins to camera in front of a green-screen.

The students learned about how journalists report stories fairly and accurately in the run-up to the day and reported on a full range of stories, such as the sad passing of the physicist Stephen Hawking. 

‘It was such an amazing day – working to a broadcast deadline to report my story was a lot of fun,’ said Charlotte B, who was one of the students who took part in the day’s events.

You can view our reports on the link:

This year saw our first ever Apprenticeship focused event where a number of large local employers, including  Menzies, CGI, KBR, Wates and Toyota Financial who came in and spoke with all students from Year 11, 12 and 13.  This event gave a valuable insight into this increasingly popular route into employment. Students had valuable conversations about what the apprenticeships entailed, how they go about following this pathway, as well as how much they might earn!

Many students were clearly enthused by the event and lots of positive discussion continued on their return to lessons. The following quotes are typical of what the students had to say: 

“I was in two minds whether a career in accountancy would suit me. I spoke to Menzies and found out about their apprenticeship and it is definitely what I want to do now!”, Year 12 Business Studies and Computing Student

“CGI sounds like a really great place to work! I thought working in an office would be boring but the lady I spoke to was really enthusiastic and seemed to be really happy there so it definitely interests me now”, Year 10 Computer Science Student

As ever, we are hugely grateful to the businesses and their volunteers who gave up their valuable time to support our students.

Year 10 spent Friday 16th March finding out about Therfield’s successful Sixth Form. They were also lucky enough to have talks from Unitaster and East Surrey College apprenticeship team informing them of the different routes in Higher Education and employment. In the afternoon students were invited to attend a Sixth Form open afternoon and speak directly to subject staff who lead the courses and students taking them. It was fantastic to see so many of our Year 10s start on their exciting journey of planning their future careers and we were delighted to hear that the vast majority favour Therfield Sixth Form as their number one choice for post 16 and intend to complete their 7 year journey here with us.


“Be Kind.  Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Enjoy Yourself.”


James Malley

Friday 9th March

Sixth Form students have a very special opportunity as part of the enrichment programme to take part in the Bi-Annual USA Trip. This year it took place over February half term and students visited New York City, Philadelphia and Washington DC. A group of 40 students, supported by four Staff, travelled to JFK New York on Saturday 10th February, returning to Heathrow on Saturday 17th February 2018.

The Trip allows our students the opportunity to visit New York and Washington DC as a Cultural Experience, to visit major points of interest such as the Empire State Building, Wall Street and the Statue of Liberty. Washington DC offers the chance to further explore the historical and political life of the USA through memorials, the White House, Congress and the Smithsonian Institute. This year, the students additionally enjoyed the opportunity of watching ‘School of Rock’ on Broadway, experiencing the awesome ‘One World Observatory’ from One World Trade Centre and eating at the Famous Ellen Star Dust Dinner Restaurant on Times Square. As well as watching an American Collegiate Basketball Match between American University and Boston, visiting the Senate in Session in the Chambers in the Capitol Building, an emotional walk and talk around the Trio of Monuments, including Lincoln, Jefferson and the new Martin Luther King Memorial, as well as visiting historic Georgetown, all with just a little bit of shopping thrown in for good measure!

Students enjoyed the week:

Callum: “It was just the best week; thank you so much for organising it all for us!”

Victoria: I loved it; I just loved it all; I loved the walking tours; I loved the History and details I learned! I am never going on holiday without a walking tour ever again!”

Alex: “I thought the most impactful bit of the trip was the visit to ground zero, as you could begin to appreciate the scale of 9/11 attacks and looking out over Manhattan was incredible.”

Miss Rennie said:

“The trip is a wonderful experience for all involved; it is a privilege to spend the week with the students. It is lovely to see them grow in confidence and their excitement and enjoyment is evident to see from all! We will never forget the moment when the screens lifted at ‘One World Observatory’ and we were left looking out at Manhattan from 102 stories high! I have never witnessed so many students FaceTime their mums all at the one time, as I did in that hour!”

Collectively, the group developed independence, understanding and a real sense of adventure and excitement.

Year 11 students are in the middle of a busy period with Mock Exams. I’ve been very impressed by their focus and I’m sure that their hard work will pay off. The effort they put in now offers them options for the future. Students shouldn’t underestimate how important having options are, it gives them choices and the potential to strive toward their dream jobs. Our Year 9 and 10 students in particular have been focusing on their future choices. Mr Hostler talks about the Year 9 Options Evening and Mr Clarke took the Year 10s through employability workshops:

On Monday 26th January, following on from the recent careers fair, Year 10 took part in three workshops to develop their employability skills and prepare them for the application and selection process.  Bradley Honnor from Global Eloquence, a leadership coach and body language expert, delivered a session which explored the following three themes:

- My digital footprint and what does it say about me?

- Communication and perception

- The importance of resilience and dealing with rejection

Unilever and IGD ran two workshops, one on CV writing and another which gave students an insight into what happens during the interview process in large organisations. 

Over the following weeks, Year 10 students will research a career that interests them and use their newly acquired skills to apply and prepare for a job in this field.  Volunteers from industry will then mock interview them for the position for which they have applied. The interviews will take place during the Summer term.


The Year 9 Options evening was very well attended , especially given the falling snow on the evening of the 1st March. As Head of Year 9, I was excited to be presenting as this evening has been the focus of the year so far and we have been building up to it for weeks. It is important students have the opportunity to make choices about the direction of study they wish to take. I look forward to the many conversations about option choices with the year 9 students and I encourage parents, carers and students to read all the information carefully and to discuss the possibilities fully before committing to their future path. Deadline date Friday 23rd March


Year 8 had AlterEgo’s ‘Chelsea's Choice’ which is an innovative and powerful production highlighting the very serious and emotional issue of child sexual exploitation. The production shows how young people, boys and girls, are groomed by adults for the purposes of sexual exploitation using various methods, ensnaring young people and eventually taking complete control and dominating their whole lives. From this production the Year 8 students will have gained a better understanding of the devastating impact that sexual exploitation has on a young person's life. Therfield School chose to have this production for Year 8 as this forms part of the PSHE  curriculum and is a very useful and innovative way of raising awareness of the issues relating to sexual exploitation and an engaging and approachable way of reaching out  to young people, giving them some skills and knowledge to be able to protect themselves from this form of abuse.


Miss Warman, Head of Year 11 arranged for a motivational speaker to come in and speak to her year group. Edwina is a close friend and she gives some background on her journey:

A while ago an old friend of mine offered to come in and speak to the Year 11’s about choices, perseverance and resilience. Knowing what Edwina had been through and where she is at now, I knew she was the perfect person to try and motivate our students for their upcoming mocks. Edwina came in on Wednesday 21st February to speak to students about her experiences and overcoming a battle with anorexia when she was just fourteen years old.

At this time we both swam to a high level, Edwina more so. During the summer of 1999 Edwina swam in the National Championships and weighed 8 ½ stones. The October half-term of that year was the last time I saw her; in just seven weeks she had deteriorated and weighed only five stones. She got out of the swimming pool in training and looked extremely unwell. I continued my training session in floods of tears unable to remove my goggles so that my friends didn’t see how upset I was.

Edwina spent many years in and out of hospital, fighting for her life at times, making the choice not to eat until one day when she was 19 her 24 year old friend died of anorexia. His death was enough to make Edwina’s choices change for the better. Now Edwina has two children (a miracle) and competes for Great Britain as an Iron Man athlete.  An Iron Man consists of a 112mile bike ride, 2.5km swim in a lake or sea and then on top of that a Marathon- 26 mile run. Crazy I know! She started just two years ago and came 16th in the first year and last year she came 3rd.  I have no doubt she will be the next Iron Man champion soon.

Edwina’s talk was inspiring and motivating and it has given the students the influence they need to keep going for the next 11 weeks, or 43 school days.  Edwina’s strength and bravery should hopefully serve to encourage students to be resilient and determined in the final stretch of their academic year.

55 Year 9 students who are part of the Peer Mentor programme received training on Emotional Well-being. This was lead by Jo Brill from Headsmart and following the training the year 9 students have a new title ‘Well-being Ambassador’.

Head Smart is a peer-led wellbeing ambassador programme funded by Mindsight Surrey CAMHS.  Eikon delivered a programme to develop wellbeing ambassadors at Therfield school who will in turn be able to help other students to think about their own mental health and the practical things they can do to promote positive wellbeing.   A ‘Wellbeing Ambassador’ promotes well-being in school through education, activities, events and whole school communication.

During the 2 hours of training the students learnt about the definition of the role and responsibilities and benefits to the school community. Following the training students will raise awareness of mental health needs and the importance of personal well-being. In groups the year 9 students have started to plan a range of activities and events that will educate and equip other students with the knowledge and actions to improve well-being. In addition to this the students have been taught about the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ which they will now teach to other students to show them how to look after their own mental health and to help them recognise if they need to improve their well-being. The students were also taught about the signposting pathways should they themselves or a fellow student need professional help and support.

Over the next few months the year 9 ‘Well-being Ambassadors’ will devise action plans to implement the five ways into their life and to create student-led strategic plans to educate and impact the whole school on wellbeing.


Year 12 and 13 Geographers embarked on their first field trip of the year. They visited Durdle Door and Chesil Beach. The students participated in taking measurements for a beach profile, sediment size of the pebbles and completed field sketches for the different areas. This is all in preparation for their independent investigation in which they will investigate their own ideas.

On Tuesday 6th March we celebrated World Book Day a little later than expected, due to the adverse weather conditions. 

There was lots of fun had by all in the Learning Resource Centre over lunchtime. Students enjoyed creating their own World Book Day covers whilst others tried to tackle our mammoth book quiz.

Mr Jenkins went head to head against students once again in the hopes of being crowned speediest reader for a second year running. It was Marcia G. however, that stole the title.

All in all, it was a great day celebrating World Book Day at Therfield, and fantastic to see so many students having fun and sharing their love for reading.

Our Junior Librarians, Conor S, Chloe G, Josh C, Lizzie H and Caitlin M did a fantastic day in making sure the day was a success.


“Be Kind.  Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Enjoy Yourself.”


James Malley

Friday 9th February

One of the busiest and the most important events of the year is our Careers Fair, which took place on Wednesday 31st January. It was a fabulous turn out with over 106 volunteers who gave up their valuable time to share their views and experiences with our students. All of our students attended and there was a real buzz in the air as they found out about potential careers from many different industries, roles and educational institutions. It’s always pleasing to receive so many comments from the visitors saying how thoughtful, engaged and focused the students were.

For the second year running Therfield School had Stopwatch Theatre Company in to perform the play: #I Love You Mum - I Promise I Won't Die.

‘On the evening of Friday 17th January 2014, Dan persuaded his mum to let him go to a party, with a group of friends. As Dan was usually responsible, Fiona agreed that he could go. Dan and his friends went to an illegal rave in Hillingdon instead of the party. It was the first time he'd been to a rave. At the rave Dan took MDMA, along with four of the others. He had no way of knowing that there was a lethal amount of MDMA in the bag he had. The other four were fine, but whichever of them had had that bag would have died. It happened to be Dan.’

In May 2014, just months after Dan died, the Daniel Spargo-Mabbs Foundation commissioned award winning playwright Mark Wheeller to write a play about what happened to him.

For ‘I Love You Mum, I Promise I Won’t Die’, Mark conducted a huge amount of research and used actual words of Dan’s family and friends, recorded in a series of interviews, which were painstakingly transcribed and then turned into the script to which these raw words were transformed into a stunning performance.

Following the play there is an interactive drama workshop in which the whole audience participate. This focuses on informed decision making and risk awareness. The ultimate aim is to leave no student in doubt that they always have a choice about the decisions they make and that the risks associated with illegal substance misuse are incredibly high. In addition to this we hope that they learn some facts that will help them make informed decisions and some tools to put their decisions into practice in a pressured situation.


On Thursday once again Therfield school collaborate with Peer Productions and bring a take on Relationships and Sex Education as never been seen before - “Because there’s a bit more to it than sperm meets egg."

‘This musical play tells the story of a group of 18 year olds as they look back on their 7 years at secondary school. Developed in partnership with young people from a range of schools, this frank and inclusive, large scale 90 minute production addresses the questions young people really want answered ‘.

The play includes topics such as;

• Healthy/unhealthy relationships

• Same sex and different sex relationships

• A transgender character

• Sexting

• Internet grooming and child sexual exploitation.

• Internet pornography

• Consent and Rape

• Contraception and STIs

Supported by Thomas Flack foundation, Heathrow Community Fund, Surrey Police and Surrey County Council and Community Matters.


Last week 12 Year 8’s visited Surrey University and got to experience what University life could be like.

There was a tour of the University campus and students learnt about what was on offer, experiencing taster sessions in Law, Psychology, Engineering, Physics, Careers, Drama, Nutrition, Maths and Media. The extra-curricular activities, such as the clubs and societies included Martial Arts, Dodgeball, Nursing and British Sign Language. Each day was also filled with games during the breaks and everyone got given lunch on campus too.

Throughout the week they filled in memory books to reflect on their time at the University and what they had learnt and experienced. There was a motivational speaker who also talked about memory techniques which the students really enjoyed.

On the final day students took part in the Mini Graduation Ceremony where they wore graduation gowns, had their names read out to collect their very own graduation ‘scroll’. Many of our students were given special awards by the group leaders for such things as being ‘extra enthusiastic’.

It was a great week and the students had a fabulous time learning about their future options and opportunities.

This week we have had Teletubbies, Leprechauns and other unusual sightings in the school. It can only mean it’s Rag Week! On Monday the Sixth Formers held a quiz, Tuesday a cake sale and Wednesday saw a group of Leprechauns having a leg wax. Other events include a lip sync battle and talent shows organised by the Sixth Form Committee. They have done a sterling job in organising this event which brings the school community together while fund raising.

Today we say good-bye to the 19 Taiwanese students who have visited Therfield over the last two weeks. They have been paired with Therfield students and attended lessons.  They return home to Taiwan having enjoyed their time with us and learning in a British school.




“Be Kind.  Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Enjoy Yourself.”


James Malley

Monday 25th January

Sometimes a half-term seems to fly by in a ‘flash’ and, with four out of its six weeks already completed, this one has felt like that to me so far. It’s been a very busy time with sporting success, early stage 'hard yards' on our exciting "School of Rock" production combined, of course, with some very important ‘learning’ events too.


I’ve been able to catch up with parents at recent Year 7 and Year 11 Parents Evening. These were hugely positive evenings where all the adults involved in shaping and guiding a young persons learning and development as a leader can reflect on the success and decide on key next steps. It’s always a pleasure to talk with parents; I hugely value both your unwavering support and, where it’s needed, any constructive criticism.


A hugely important event (although one which doesn't actually involve any students) is Therfield's TeachMeet.  Colleagues from schools across Surrey and surrounding areas came together for three hours sharing excellent teaching and learning strategies, reflecting on the joys and pressures of the job, and having fun.  I think in a great school teachers strive to improve their own teaching as much as they aim to support their students with their learning.  I'm privileged to lead a special group of teachers and support staff who do so much to deliver outstanding lessons and their contribution to the TeachMeet was fantastic.


Year 8 and 9 girls had an NSSSA football tournament against 5 local schools on 25th January 2018. The team worked well together to finish a very close 2nd behind Ashcombe, there was 1 point in it. The girls will now go through to the next round which will be held at Blenheim.


Year 7 took part in the annul Inter-House Castle Competition. This year saw an amazing selection of Motte and Bailey, Stone Square Keep and Wild Card entries. It was clear that students put in an immense amount of effort and creativity into their designs. Each class held a competition during their lessons and the winner went through to the final Inter-House event held in the New Dining Hall. It was fantastic to see hundreds of votes from students in all year groups, which finally led us to crown the following students as the winners, Kasia W (Stone Square Keep), Ethan L (Motte and Bailey) and Raghad E (Wild Card). A huge well done to all of Year 7 for their outstanding work, and thank you for the brilliant support from parents.

Last week Therfield students took the time to remember those murdered during the Holocaust. Our assembly reflecting on “the power of words” and “diversity” was led by two of our erudite sixth formers who spoke about their experiences following a memorial trip to Auschwitz Birkeneau, run by the Holocaust Memorial Trust in November 2017. Noor M and Lauren C spoke about how it felt to take part in this moving trip, and expressed their reflections with clarity and maturity beyond their years. They led all year groups to consider how the Nazis gradually eroded democratic values eventually leading to such a tragic event, whilst considering our role today in ensuring that divisive language does not allow History to repeat itself.

Headstogether are currently leading a series of Workshops for Parents and Carers at Therfield. They recognise how difficult it can be to support young people who are experiencing emotional difficulties. The aim of the workshops are to give a better understanding of mental health issues and to introduce strategies for supporting young people. Each workshop has a different focus from Anxiety, Depression, Anger and Self-Harm. The workshops have proved to be popular and the feedback has been really positive, therefore Therfield school are planning to offer more workshops such as this so watch this space.


Earlier in January we welcomed ‘Learning Performance’ into school to deliver three sessions with our Key Stage 4 and 5 students. Years 10 and 11 had a two hour workshop which looked at the different learning theories, different revision methods and useful memory techniques. In the afternoon, we had the Sixth Form do a similar workshop aimed to help them with the demands of Key Stage 5 linear exams in the summer. All the students involved were extremely positive about the experience and said they had gained some specific strategies to use. In particular, there were some interesting techniques such as LOCI, which encouraged students to attach meaning to locations around them, for example in the Main Hall where they will sit the exam. The students have been extremely positive about this and Mr Thornton has been incorporating this into his English revision sessions with walking tours of the school to help students remember the Shakespeare classics!

On Friday 26th January we set up our own revision skills ‘market place’ for the Year 10 and 11 students. The tutors and some volunteer members of staff set up stalls on different revision techniques. The students then circulated and spoke to staff about the different ways they could revise. The big advantage of this market place for the students was that it gave them clear ways that each revision technique was applicable to different subjects. Often, revision skills are generic but in this case the students were able to see how different techniques would work in Maths, Geography, Science and Music among other subjects. There was a really purposeful atmosphere in the two sessions and the students were highly engaged throughout. We hope they found it useful!


At the end of last week I attended the latest Trust meeting. On behalf of all staff and students I am very grateful for the fundraising the Trust undertakes. Following the very successful Winter Wonderland it was great to hear about the upcoming events including a quiz night and some coffee mornings. I also thought I’d pass on the opportunity for you to get involved with the Trust’s Lucky Numbers scheme. That’s a great way to support the School whilst giving you a chance of winning some money too. If you are interested in anything the Trust is doing please contact them at [email protected]


The Trust are contributing to a very exciting project which is happening in the next few months. The school has been successful in securing a grant from the Savoy Trust to develop our food teaching room. This significant revamp will mean that the room will be totally renovated with the purchase of ten new ovens and hobs. That will give even greater opportunities  to students in this important aspect of school life. I will keep you posted with some photos in future blogs.


The final fortnight of this half-term is an important one. The week beginning 29th January is our annual careers and futures week. The Careers Fair on Wednesday is the set-piece event and I look forward to writing about this in the next Blog. In terms of key learning events we have Year 10 Mock exams and a Year 8 Parents Evening before the break.


“Be Kind.  Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Enjoy Yourself.”


James Malley