DT Workshop – Curriculum Enrichment Days (July 2017)

On Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th July, the Year 7 cohort collaborated in a one day ‘DT Workshop’ wh...

Open Evening

Therfield School Open Evening Thursday 14th September 2017 - 5.30-8.30pm Headteacher talks at...


With Mark Hayward   A group of Therfield young ladies and mothers completed a safety awareness c...


This week the Art department have organised three events for Therfield’s annual Creative Arts inte...

Art in Action – Artist Lecture Visit

On Tuesday 7th March 2017, seven A Level photographers travelled from Leatherhead station to Russe...

  • DT Workshop – Curriculum Enrichment Days (July 2017)

  • Open Evening



  • Art in Action – Artist Lecture Visit

Staff List 2016

Teaching Staff

Ashburner Alison Miss [email protected]
Bailey-Morrissey Claudette Dr [email protected]
Baggs Helen Mrs [email protected]
Berryman Mitchell Mr [email protected]
Blackwell Charlotte Mrs [email protected]
Blythman Adam Mr [email protected]
Bryant Sandra Miss [email protected]
Buckell Julia Ms [email protected]
Busswell Linda Mrs [email protected]
Butts Lucy Ms [email protected]
Byrne Alison Miss [email protected]
Chamberlain Christopher Mr [email protected]
Chegwin Catherine Ms [email protected]
Clarke Steve Mr [email protected]
Collins Melanie Miss [email protected]
Cowlin Peter Mr [email protected]
Devonshire Ellis Miss [email protected]
Di Salvo Fabio Mr [email protected]
Eales Ellie Mrs [email protected]
Egan Ceara Miss [email protected]
Fennell Patrick Mr [email protected]
Gaehler Ferguson Mr [email protected]
Glide Stephanie Miss [email protected]
Gruber Teddy Mr [email protected]
Hall Lynda Ms [email protected]
Hibbert Stuart Mr [email protected]
Hill Elizabeth Miss [email protected]
Hostler Thomas Mr [email protected]
Jenkins Christopher Mr [email protected]
Jenkins Clare Mrs [email protected]
Jones Rachel Mrs [email protected]
Karam Roya Miss [email protected]
Keys Jason Mr [email protected]
Knox Joanna Mrs [email protected]
MacGregor Hayley Miss [email protected]
Mackula Alexander Mr [email protected]
MacLaren Mitchell Mr [email protected]
Malley James Mr [email protected]
Martin Marianne Mrs [email protected]
McArthur Louise Miss [email protected]
Miller Emma Miss [email protected]
Moon David Mr [email protected]
Moorhouse Robert Mr [email protected]
Mundy Bethan Miss [email protected]
Murtagh Charlotte Miss [email protected]
Phillips Stephen Mr [email protected]
Pickett Helen Mrs [email protected]
Place Jeff Mr [email protected]
Ranford Rosie Ms [email protected]
Rennie Gayle Ms [email protected]
Reynoldson Joanna Miss [email protected]
Rolfe Lauren Miss [email protected]
Rosewell Alexandra Miss [email protected]
Rowland Anne Ms [email protected]
Sandy Kelly Mrs [email protected]
Sime Paula Mrs [email protected]
Stemp Susannah Mrs [email protected]
Thornton Tom Mr [email protected]
Turton Joanna Miss [email protected]
Upson Caroline Ms [email protected]
Walker Fiona Miss [email protected]
Warman Lianne Miss [email protected]
Woodroffe Nicola Mrs [email protected]
Worrall-Thompson Paul Mr [email protected]

Support Staff

Ashby Jill Mrs [email protected]
Barnes Adam Mr [email protected]
Beastall Philip Mr [email protected]
Benham Jackie Miss [email protected]
Benjafield Zoe Miss [email protected]
Braddick Deborah Mrs [email protected]
Cassar Jan Mrs [email protected]
Clarke Paul Mr [email protected]
Collett David Mr [email protected]
Davis Amy Miss [email protected]
Donhue Deborah Mrs [email protected]
Downs Karen Mrs [email protected]
Duddy Toni Mrs [email protected]
Eaton Jeannette Miss [email protected]
Foster Sue Mrs [email protected]
Frost Rhys Mr [email protected]
Galvin Pamela Mrs [email protected]
Gamache Jenny Mrs [email protected]
Gill Natalie Mrs [email protected]
Gough John Mr [email protected]
Harvey Chris Mrs [email protected]
Hogben James Mr [email protected]
Hughes Annette Mrs [email protected]
Kelly Jo Ms [email protected]
Kennard Nicola Mrs [email protected]
Kopieczek Melitta Mrs [email protected]
Major Jenny Mrs [email protected]
McArthur Tanya Mrs [email protected]
Nicholas Denise Mrs [email protected]
O'Dell Marie Miss [email protected]
Purdue Trudie Mrs [email protected]
Ray Janet Mrs [email protected]
Robinson Jackie Mrs [email protected]
Smith Katherine Mrs [email protected]
Squire Hillary Mrs [email protected]
Squire Samantha Mrs [email protected]
Stimpson Caroline Mrs CStimpson@therfield.surrey.sch.uk
Swart Nakita Miss NSwart@therfield.surrey.sch.uk
Wessell Philip Mr PWessell@therfield.surrey.sch.uk
Young Mandy Mrs MYoung@therfield.surrey.sch.uk