DT Workshop – Curriculum Enrichment Days (July 2017)

On Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th July, the Year 7 cohort collaborated in a one day ‘DT Workshop’ wh...

Open Evening

Therfield School Open Evening Thursday 14th September 2017 - 5.30-8.30pm Headteacher talks at...


With Mark Hayward   A group of Therfield young ladies and mothers completed a safety awareness c...


This week the Art department have organised three events for Therfield’s annual Creative Arts inte...

Art in Action – Artist Lecture Visit

On Tuesday 7th March 2017, seven A Level photographers travelled from Leatherhead station to Russe...

  • DT Workshop – Curriculum Enrichment Days (July 2017)

  • Open Evening



  • Art in Action – Artist Lecture Visit

Gifted and Talented

Here at Therfield, as part of our mission to provide our students ‘The Best for All – Excellence, Leadership, Opportunity’, we offer a wide and varied programme for our gifted and talented students, both within lessons and through extra-curricular activities. Although some of these activities are ‘by invitation only’, there are many opportunities for all our students to broaden and deepen their understanding of the world around them and to engage in active and motivational learning.
Support for Parents/Guardians of More Able Students

For more information on Gifted and Talented Students please download from the link below. This is provided as a guide to the extension and enrichment opportunities for our most able students. In school, there are three main strands to provision:
One of the most important methods of extension is through differentiation in the classroom within subject areas. Your child’s subject teacher should be able to provide you with subject-specific extension activities.
Your child may be involved in some or all of the activities offered ‘by invitation’ during their time at Therfield (see Policy).
We also offer an exceptionally wide range of enrichment opportunities which are open to all which will provide an outlet for more Gifted students.
As part of the provision Selected students are invited to attend specific Workshops and Conferences that target higher achieving students. Examples from this year include the following:

Year 8 – BBC School News Report 2013
Year 8 - Maths and Science Workshop (in association with other schools)
Year 9 / 10 - Legal and General’s Dragons Den
Year 10 – Gifted and Talented Conference
Year 11 – Russell Group University Entrance Criteria Conference
To support your more able child, look out for extension opportunities available both in and out of school and encourage your child to ‘have a go’. We would recommend that you encourage him/her to attend at least one of the available extra-curricular clubs.

You may be invited to an Information Evening during which the Coordinator will explain Therfield's Policy for Gifted and Talented Students and describe the range of provision available, and will also answer any queries you may have regarding your child. This usually takes place towards the end of the first term.
A very informative organisation is the National Association for Gifted Children, a charity set up to support families of gifted children. Their website is: http://www.nagcbritain.org.uk/

A copy of Therfield’s Gifted and Talented policy can be downloaded below: