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Head of Department: Mr Paul Worrall-Thompson [email protected]


Our aims:

• Develop the ability of students to read, write and communicate mathematics, ensuring equal opportunities for all. 

• Provide courses which are challenging and to develop students’ understanding of mathematical concepts. 

• Create a positive attitude to mathematics and develop confidence in written, oral and practical skills. 

• Ensure that students apply their mathematical skills to problems in a variety of situations, are able to present solutions to their problems and interpret their results. 

• Ensure that students see the relevance of mathematics and the part it plays in the world around them. 

• Show students the suitability and adaptability of their mathematical knowledge to other subjects, to prepare students for their exams and the world of work.


KS3 Maths

When Year 7 students start Maths at Therfield they are taught in their tutor group as mixed ability classes for the first term. After half term they are placed into different mixed ability groups. The mixed ability groups are decided upon by taking into account:

• Pupil's performance in a baseline test.

• The work carried out in the first term.

• Evidence from their class teachers.

• Evidence from their Primary School.

• The student’s flightpaths

All students in years 7 and 8 follow a curriculum designed to both meet the National Curriculum specification and to focus on mastering skills rather than just content. This heavily mirrors the shift at Key Stage 4 to a focus on the application and use of maths. Homework will be completed through consolidation tasks, online resources.

A strong emphasis is placed on numeracy and students practice their written and mental arithmetic skills regularly.


KS4 Maths

In Key Stage 4 (and year 9) students are working towards a GCSE in Mathematics. Selected students will also be given the opportunity to study for the OCR Additional Mathematics Qualification, this is a level three course and an excellent bridge between GCSE and AS study.

Students are set in teaching groups in years 9, 10 and 11 by ability and performance and each student will be taught to their ability. They will be entered at either Foundation (grades 5 - 1) or Higher (grades 9 - 4) level.

All students in years 9, 10 and 11 are working towards the Edexcel Linear GCSE in Mathematics (1MA1) and as such are regularly assessed throughout the three years to ensure progress towards their target grades.

There is a comprehensive program of both ongoing and exam support in place in school for students. Additional support and revision resources are available from the Key Stage 4 room on the school’s VLE.


KS5 Maths

At Key Stage 5 we offer both A-level Mathematics and A-level Further Mathematics.

We currently follow the edexcel specification with students sitting C1, C2 and a choice of M1 or S1 in year 12.  Students then sit C3, C4 and a choice of M2, S2 or S1 in year 13.

Those sitting further maths cover FP1, D1 and S1 or M1 (dependant on their Maths A-level choice), covering FP2, S2 and S3 in year 13.